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Printable Help files are now included with NB 6.xx and later (via the menu Help | Printable Help . . . ) Therefore, current versions of Mary Bernard's printable Help files will no longer be posted on this site. For the time being we'll keep an earlier version, 5.5, posted for NB'ers still using SWS 5.xx.


New!Nota Bene Help Pages, including training videos on NB, Orbis, Ibidem, with Tips and Tricks (Mark Szuchman; videos require the Windows Media Player to view)
"Cross-referencing within footnotes" (Steve Siebert, by way of J.P. Earls)
"Linking Ibidem and Nota Bene" (Mark Szuchman)
"Customizing the Nota Bene keyboard with 'run' programs" (Greg Polly)
"Creating a Quick Work Journal for Orbis" (Greg Polly)

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